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“AgButler will enable those seeking work to find temporary, or in some cases, permanent employment. It will enable them to gain experience and to augment their incomes, perhaps allowing them to stay in their rural communities to establish their own farm operation. This app also gives power back to aging farmers. Elderly farmers and ranchers will be able to extend the longevity and viability of their operation. It also helps connect them with skilled, qualified workers in the area.”

“This can certainly help our College of Agriculture provide employment opportunities by creating more jobs in the part-time sector. Part-time jobs in agriculture while in college can lead to internship credit hours, experience added to a resume following graduation and potentially full-time employment. I cannot help but be excited about the prospects this AgButler project can provide our students and alumni.”

“AgButler appears to hold promise as a tool for facilitating the connection between agricultural providers and workers in rural Missouri and the agriculture community. In addition to the benefits that might arise from these primary outcomes, the data generated by the AgButler app about labor supply and demand in rural Missouri will be an ancillary benefit.”

“Our organization supports the concept of using new technologies to ease farm labor bottlenecks. The idea of matching farmers in need of help with qualified workers is not new, yet utilizing an app that simplifies the process could be a tremendous benefit for both employers and employees.”

“In addition to benefits for those seeking labor assistance, this app also provides opportunities to gain valuable work experience for young people hoping to return to agriculture as a career and a way of life. One of the biggest challenges that we find in young people returning to the beef industry is the steep barrier to entry to purchase the necessary land and cattle to make a full-time living in the beef industry.”

“This will increase additional employment opportunities for rural areas, however most of these communities lack the pool of a qualified labor force. The beef industry has adopted many advancements in technology to improve genetics, feed efficiency and marketing. It is time we look for a technology to help our farmers and ranchers locate laborers to help execute daily chores.”

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